What I see

First post

This is my first experience and post with WordPress. In fact, I got a blog in Japan but it hasn’t been used for a while because it seem to be boring to me at that time…

Anyways, I’ve got a new tool now!

I was born and grew up in Japan. I spent peaceful and happy days there but when I faced tragic situation in the Philippines at the age of 21, something happened inside me. I started thinking who I am? What is happiness? What is the diefinition of happiness? I didn’t have any doubt about my life until I went there.

I have been to South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Afghanistan so far. And I’m planning to visit Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan this summer.

I want to not only see how the people in the world live, but convey them to others. And hopefully, via my pictures, I hope some people start thinking about others, not only you. I want you to know what is going on in the world and I want you to expand your understanding against the world because we are link.

Everything is linked to you although there are various bordes, races, languages, and cultures.

Here is my website. Please check it out.



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