What I see

Stand up for Wisconsin workers at the state house in Boston on Feb 22nd.

Hundreds of people in Boston gathered to rally for Wisconsin workers at the state house in Boston, MA on Feb 22nd.

It wasn’t supposed to be a big demonstration at first but it ended up becoming so big that the road was eventually closed off.

I went shooting this with my friends and was surprised  because when I got there, there were obviously more people than I had expected.

To tell the truth, I thought it was going to be not so much… but as you can see these pictures, it was pretty big rally.

It sometimes a little bit hard to get good images from this kind of rally because I need to find people who are likely to do good expressions and actions.

Plus, you will not get good ones unless you get really closer…so, I just brought prime 24mm and 70-200mm this time.

Because it was sun set time, lighting was sometimes harsh and it was getting colder but I could barely get the shots that I want… I think.

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