What I see

Operation salvage

I was wandering into the deep forest of HD and found some old pics which were taken when I was in California.

Oh boy… it was a year and half years ago? Time flies. I stayed in the town called Santa Barbara, where I was studying English because I couldn’t speak English at all at that time.

And I was trying to get into Brooks institute which is one of the most famous photography school in the world. One day, my teacher told me that there is a Japanese guy who is a student there.

I emailed him and surprisingly, he is same age and had same name as me.  Another Yusuke came from Japan by himself like me and was a really nice guy.

I sometimes helped him out as an assistant and we always went drinking to Japanese bar in small town in CA. We talked about silly stuff, girl friends, photography and our future, getting drunk.

Although we had a really good time together, nothing is permanent in our lives. There were only a couple of moths left until his graduation but a sudden bad news made him go back to Japan.

It was literally sudden. The time he had was just 2 days, I think. Because his final for the school was coming soon and I didn’t wanna let him alone, I went to his apartment and helped finishing his work.

We barely made it out and he took me home in very chaotic situation. And he went back to Japan.

Although it had been a couple of months since we knew each other, we were like… as if we’ve known each other for long time, which was strange feeling.

But I was like I got a small hole in my heart. Now, he works for his family’s photo studio, which is famous in his region.

I’m looking forward to seeing him again in Japan and having a good time with some booze like when we were in small Japanese bar in Santa Barbara.

I was recalling and thinking something like that, looking at my old pics that I took there…..Time goes so fast and nothing is permanent in this world. That’s my favorite word.

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