What I see

Demonstration against Colonel Qaddafi in Boston.

It was last Saturday. When I was walking down the street, I found people gathering, yelling something with colorful flag. I instantly recognized that the rally for Libya. Because I have recently looked at the pictures about the situation there on the internet such as New York Times and some other freelancer’s blog, I thought I needed to photographed what’s going on in America against the movement of some African and Middle Eastern countries. A Japanese photographer who I respect is heading to the capital of Libya where tons of brutality are going on. I heard that Colonel Qaddafi is hiring lots of mercenaries from other countries and let them kill anti-Qaddafi people. I’m worry that he might kill journalists not to let them see and tell the world what’s going on there. I wonder if America or England send troops there…although America has already sent so many troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Or United Nations is trying to  do something?

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