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Some little things we can do now…

As you’ve already know, Japan has got extraordinarily damage from the earthquake and Tsunami. Some nuclear plants are under meltdown threat.  Tons of people don’t have enough foods, water, electricity, gas, clothing, etc…I mean they have noting although it’s even snowing there. Do Japanese people who live abroad just have to keep watching TV or Internet without doing anything??

The answer is “NO.”   We should do something you can do even if that is a small thing. It doesn’t matter how great it is. Just show your heart and do a small thing you can do. It can be conveyed to Japanese people, I believe. Today, some guys from Berklee college of music showed their heart at Boston Common. They gathered in this cold weather with their musical instruments and just keep playing music to call for donation. Even it was snowing while they were playing, they’ve finally got almost three hundred dollars. Isn’t this amazing!? It’s only Monday but people don’t forget about Japan. On the contrary, some young guys who only have a little money told us  “I’m sorry, I only have some coins…”  But he gave us all the coins he had.  I’m sure that if you take some action, people will react in some way. You’ll never know unless you try something.

Let’s take action!! We can make change:)


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