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Vigil held for the victims of Japan.

On March 21, the vigil was held for the victims of Japan, at the old south church in copley square, Boston. Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, came by and expressed his mourning for the victims who passed away in this multiple disaster. Some singers sung Japanese national anthem and a popular children’s song called HOME. And two English teachers who were working in Fukushima prefecture, which is one of the place that has been damaged by the earthquake, talked about their experience when it happened. At the end of the vigil, participants expressed their mourning with candles.

昨日ボストンのOld South Churchにて日本協会主催の東北関東大震災•追悼コンサートが開かれ、多くの人が被災者達に心を寄せました。知事のDeval Patrickや震災発生時、福島県いわき市で英語教師をされていた方のお話も聞くことができました。君が代とふるさとが歌われ、最後には参加者全員でキャンドルに灯をともし、被災されたすべての方々への哀悼の意を表しました。

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