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What with shooting and shooting, I’ve been busy recently, which is basically good. But I felt like I just didn’t have time to do my own thing and it was  a little bit tough because I even haven’t had enough time to edit pictures. Last Thursday, I had a chance to shoot a group called Syncopation by chance. And they’re just amazing!! Syncopation consists of two men and two women singers whose voice and harmony are unbelievably beautiful. They also play musical instruments each other. As I listened to their music, taking pictures, I was unconsciously almost crying because their harmony of voice and arrangement were so touching. I was like I got my heart purified. Because I was just into their show, taking pictures, I could forget everything that makes my life so busy:) Oops…I gotta say this in the end. I like to be busy and love my busy life!! Music is the power and is capable of changing people’s mind, even lives. That’s why I love music and musicians.

I’m gonna put their website, so check it out and go to their show!! I think they are much better if you listen and feel their music in person.

Syncopation website


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usk’s website



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