What I see

The devastation of the tornadoes in Ringgold, Georgia.

I finally arrived town called Ringgold in Georgia in order to see what happened in this small town on April 28th. It was about 8:30 pm. A massive tornado hit here, which was F4. According to residents here, they didn’t even here anything. I just walked around the town and talked to some people to know what was going on here. What I saw today was just unbelievable. Some houses were completely destroyed or just gone. Cars and trees were flipped. It reminds me of the situation in Japan although I haven’t seen that in real life. At first, I couldn’t find any  words for people here, but surprisingly they were really strong. They were calm and generous. They allowed me to photograph and interview. Some people even just keep laughing and saying “It’s gonna be OK. Those stuff are just things. We can rebuild.” I was so moved by those words. What I saw was unbelievable and sad but I also could see the power of human. I was even encouraged by them….I’m sure that they’ll be OK because they are strong and positive enough. We’re going to different place tomorrow, so I’m wondering what I’ll see tomorrow.

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