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President campaign rally in New Hampshire #1.

I went to New Hampshire to cover President campaign rally last weekend and spent four days there. It was my first time to cover it since I came to the United States so I was kinda excited to see what it looks like. Those four days were fun and little crazy, which I mostly enjoyed. I could see lots of great photographers who work for Time, News Week, New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, AP, Getty, etc… from not only the United States but also some other countries. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have a chance to get my pictures published this time, but it was a really really good opportunity to see how those great people work on their assignment in person. I was surprised when I saw how fast news photographers had to take pictures, edit them, then transmit them to editors. It was just “Wow!!” I was following around Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman. Now here’re are some of my work from those fun four days. The first post is about Romney and following post is about Santorum and Huntsman. Hope you enjoy my pix:)



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USK’s web site : www.uskphoto.com

僕のホームページ : www.uskphoto.com




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