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Photographed wedding in Japan.

I went to Japan to photograph my old friend’s wedding in Tokyo. It’s a great honor and fun to be asked for shooting and photograph friends, especially friends you’ve known for a long time. This time I photographed my friend back in high school, which means that I was able to see my classmates again!! I was kinda surprised that I could instantly find out who they are although it’s been almost ten years to see them. They haven’t changed at all in a good way. Even though I didn’t have enough time to sit and have a chat with them, I had a great day!! I really hope that I’ll be able to go back to Japan again for assignments. Here are some pix I chose randomly.


ので、これを読んだ結婚する予定のカップルの友達は、式場のカメラマンじゃなくぜひ僕に依頼して下さい!!笑 彼らよりリーズナブルに、ジャーナリズムスタイルだけど頑張って良いもの撮りまっせ!!

USK’s website http://www.uskphoto.com




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