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“Occupy Boston”

Occupy Boston had 1st general assembly last night at Boston common. Are they going to be like the one on the wall street? We’ll see.


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People’s faces. September 11th, 2011.

I went to New York to photograph something about 9.11. It’s been 10 years since it happened. I still remember that I was watching TV news in Japan, studying for exam for school when it happend. At first, I had no idea what’s going on, but when the second airplane was slamed into the WTC, I realized that it’s the reality, not a scene of Hollywood movies. Everything was like as if I was watching a movie or in a dream. I wish it was.


I have been to Afghanistan three times to see what’s going on there. Experiences over there made me start photography and  I’m in the United States now as a photographer. I still want to go back to Afghanistan. Looks my life might have been changed by 9.11 although I didn’t notice that till now. If 9.11 had not happened, I wouldn’t have been to Afghanistan. Then I must not have started photography.

I have a friend whose dad was working for a Japanese company which was in the WTC. And he couldn’t be able to survive. I still remember my friend was talking about that when I was in a high school.  I was in Japan at that time and I never thought I ended up living in the United States as a photographer. Nobody can know what’s gonna affect your life and happen in the future. Needless to say, so many people have been affected and forced to changed their life by 9.11. The world has drastically changed since 9.11. Unfortunately, looks the world has not gone right way so far. The situation is so chaotic all over the world.

What have we learned from 9.11? We just have become more conservative? We just haven’t been able to believe others? What have we been doing since then? Just hating and fighting each other? I just don’t know.

But I can say one thing. We have to make the world better place to take advantage of what happened ten years ago, not make the world worse place. I’m always skeptical about the words “Never forget 9.11.” Does this sounds like as if we’ve never forget what you did to us and we’ll revenge to you? I only feel negative meaning from this words. People may have animosity by using this word over and over unconsciously. I understand how people feel and think about being attacked. But it’s over. If we really don’t think about what we should learn from here and do something to make things better, we’ll end up doing same thing someday again. We have to move forward somehow, thinking about others, not only us.


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Pillow fight day 2011 on April 2, in Boston

Well…It might sound a little bit ridiculous and kiddy but it was pretty fun to look at and photograph it!! Just beat up whoever in your sight!! I have no idea how many times I got beaten up and I sometimes had to struggle to protect my cameras because there were so many excited young guys.  Ummm…they might look like some kind of riots in these pics. Anyways, it was fun time:) I did what I call “TIME magazine effect” to my pics just for fun although it doesn’t look good.

4月2日、ハーバード大学そばのケンブリッジ広場でPillow fightというイベントが行われた。要は、「枕しばき合い対決」という事なのだが、見るのと撮影する目的ではなかなか面白かった。撮影していても周りの若い子たちはかなりエキサイトしているので何度枕でカメラごと叩かれたかわからない(笑)カメラを壊されないように気をつけなければいけなかったけど、良い体験だった。聞くところによると世界140カ所以上で行われたとか。。。思いつきで「タイムマガジンエフェクト」と勝手に自分が呼んでいる色の仕上がりにしてみました:)

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Demonstration against Colonel Qaddafi in Boston.

It was last Saturday. When I was walking down the street, I found people gathering, yelling something with colorful flag. I instantly recognized that the rally for Libya. Because I have recently looked at the pictures about the situation there on the internet such as New York Times and some other freelancer’s blog, I thought I needed to photographed what’s going on in America against the movement of some African and Middle Eastern countries. A Japanese photographer who I respect is heading to the capital of Libya where tons of brutality are going on. I heard that Colonel Qaddafi is hiring lots of mercenaries from other countries and let them kill anti-Qaddafi people. I’m worry that he might kill journalists not to let them see and tell the world what’s going on there. I wonder if America or England send troops there…although America has already sent so many troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Or United Nations is trying to  do something?

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Chinese Happy New Year Celebration. Pictures vs Video.

Here is the difference between still images and video. Although it depends on the situation , video sometimes works much better than still images.Video sometimes can convey the mood better than still images because it has sounds and motion.

I’m sorry but I can’t upload the video here, so please go to following link:(  It’s my video on vimeo

Chinese Happy New Year Celebration


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