What I see

Who’s USK?

USK, also known as Yusuke Suzuki is a Boston based freelance photographer, originally born and raised in Chiba, Japan.
He studied the guitar when he was in Japan, but once he went to the Philippines on his summer break with his friends and witnessed the tragedic situation of the lifestyle there, he started to reassess his own life.
In 2006, curiosity set off to Afghanistan to see what was going on that side of the world. During his first stay, he met photographers and journalists that ended up changing his life. As he witnessed their photographs, he was so staggered that he bought his first camera as soon as he returned from his trip. Later on, he would return to Afghanistan twice more to take more photographs.

He realized that photography has the power to make change, so he decided to study Journalism more seriously, and to move to the United States. He made the change of switching what he holds in his hands from a guitar to a camera.

Currently he studies photography at New England School of Photography and has expertise in Documentary, Visual Journalism, sports photography, live concerts, and any kind of events.

He is trying to find the world and himself through the lens… and of course still loves music.

His work has been published on CNN, The Washington Post, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Metro Boston, Tu Boston, Salem Radio Network News, Internazionale(Italy), Toronto Sun(Canada), Estadao(Brazil), Rianovosti(Russia), Hindustan Times(India), The province.com and El Planeta.

~ Awards ~

・Boston Press Photographers Association’s college contest, USA 2011
First prize for picture story, Honorable mention for News

・The Worldwide Photo Gala Award’s  “2010 WPGA Annual Pollux Awards”   USA, 2011

First prize for humanitarian documentary.

Honorable mentions for Culture & Daily life, Editorial & Current affairs, People.

・The World Wide Photo Gala Award’s “Story Teller” competition

Finalists, USA, 2011

・The 2011 Pluralism Project Photo Contest at Harvard University, USA, 2011

Grand prize

・The Society of Publication Designers Virtue & Vice Student Photography Competition

Second place, USA, 2010


・Solo Exhibition  “Exhaust” , Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan, 2009

・PRC Student Exhibition, Photographic Resource Center at Boston University, USA 2011


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